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I Am In The Advisory Council of The “Harvard Business Review” Now.

Invitation To Join The HBR Advisory Council

Academic Flowchart

Kishor Mojlish – Barishal, Bangladesh 

Uddayan High School, Barishal, Bangladesh 

Monipur High School & College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh (B.Pharm)

Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Dhaka University, Bangladesh (Professional Degree) 

University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia (

Why I Choose To Be A Pharmacist?

Helping people is a noble profession. Contributing to the community as a professional is important to achieve ultimate success. However, people feel helpless when they are in trouble with their health. Most importantly, no one can be so generous as a pharmacist to contribute to the community by producing, researching, and delivering medicines.

What Services I'm Providing

Here I Present Three Categories of Services 

Prescription Consultation

In this category you will be able to receive a detail consultation on your prescription.

Regular Diet & Prescription

To achieve the maximum outcome from your prescription, you need to have maintain a regular routine. In this category you will receive a customised diet including necessary up-gradation of your prescription.

Medical Report Analysis

Under this service you will receive a details analysis of your medical report including required advices.

Current Engagement

Right Now I am focusing on the development of vaccines and other medicines regarding to microbial infection.

Work Experience

Al-Baraka Pharmacy Dispensing

Pharmaceutical dispensing is a challenging job while you have to maintain work ethics including social responsibilities. 

Pharmacy Dispensing
Drug's Efficacy Research on Animal

Under the supervision of Dr. Shahbuddin (professor of Jahangirnagar  University) I have conducted several researches regarding to medicinal efficacy.

Drug Research
Health Survey

Under the supervision of the senior lecturer of North South University, Mr. Adit Muktardir, I have conducted a survey.

Prime Pharmaceuticals Limited
2023 - Present

Working as the Quality Assurance Officer.

Coming Soon

Additional Achievements

A Display of Achievements

What My Clients Says

I have taken the prescription service from Md Habibul Islam Safin and my experience was good enough.

John Doe

His diet chart is cool to follow. I am amazed with the hospitality he showed to me. Thank you

Jenna Smith

Mr. Safin provides in depth analysis of medical reports. He analysed my report and sent me the details. My doc did not describe this much. However, I am glad to receive the service. 

Samuel Stevens